Welcome Physiotherapist, Mara Boaru

Mara photo one Dec 7, 2015

Mara is a physiotherapist with a background in massage therapy, who uses a combination of hands-on techniques to best suit her patient’s needs. Her main interests are in TMJ (jaw) and neck areas and functional movement. Mara is continually taking courses to improve her understanding of the human body and expanding her technique repertoire.

During a physiotherapy session, Mara will assess any areas of concern, provide manual treatment and prescribe therapeutic exercises, improving overall body function. She believes that educating patients regarding their condition is an empowering tool and she likes to work in a collaborative manner towards common goals.

Biking is Mara’s main passion, along with hiking, yoga and swimming, and she tries to get out in nature to recharge as often as possible. She places great importance of care on the body and mind, and is interested in working with people who want to achieve ultimate well-being.

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