Health update

Welcome back!

We have been very happy to have been open for the past three months. We would love to welcome Carolyn Lindsay, Ursual Paikos and Malyne Sean to our Physiotherapy team!

Thank you to all of our patients who have come in for treatments. We continue to have all the necessary safety and health practices set in place that have been mandated by our colleges and associations, and things have been running well. All of our practitioners are back into the clinic, although some are still on modified hours. We have had every second and fourth Saturday open this summer, so please feel free to call us at 587-352-9199 or go online to book an appointment for those days.

We are pleased to announce that our online booking is now back up and running for all of our practitioners, so log in to have a look at what is available. It is not necessary to create a new patient user profile, simply request a new pass code on the log in page if one is needed.

Enjoy the time you can with your friends and family, and of course our long summer nights! Please continue to stay safe by following good health hygiene and physical distancing practices.  Wear your masks when needed and get out for daily walks, bike rides and partake in any light exercise. Remember that daily stretching is one of the best ways of physically taking care of yourself.

Thank you,

The Full Circle Team

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