Meredith Pritchard, RMT

Meredith Pritchard 


MaKami College, 2019  
3000 Hours registered with CRMTA                           

Meredith is a Registered Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher.

She likes to blend modalities during treatments to make sure she is giving her clients the best care that’s suited to them. She specializes in LomiLomi, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Cupping, and Cold Laser Therapy.

Meredith is honoured to be humana (student) of Kumu (teacher) Elder Francine Dudoit Tagupa, Director of Traditional Hawaiian Healing, Waikiki Health Center. LomiLomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice integrating spiritual health, bodywork and energy flow.

Meredith believes a massage treatment is only a part of what it takes to begin healing, and likes to work with her clients to come up with a yoga routine that fits their needs at home so they can notice progress between treatments.

When she’s not massaging Meredith loves to take to the mountains to go hiking and camping.



Waikiki Health – Director of Native Hawaiian

Healing / Pu’uhonua Prison Program

Lomilomi and Ho’oponopono is an ancient healing art that has been passed down by the master practitioners (kahuna) and elders (kupuna) bearers of light, love and knowledge. A level of spirit is awakened through this work that penetrates deeply into the spirit truly inspires healing. This exquisite gift has been passed down from generation to generation amongst the natives of the Hawaiian Islands. Components of this healing practice include prayer (pule), breath (ha), massage movement of energy (mama). Psychological cleansing and counseling (ho’oponopono) and other powerful wellness treasures. All of these combined with the loving intention of the practitioner create a healing experience that is at once profound and deep. This art is the practice of lovingly and mindfully massaging the client as though they are a beloved family member (ohana). Appropriate for all ages, Lomilomi facilitates the bridging of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and harmony (lokahi).

My teachings come from my grandmother, uncle and aunt in the Hawaiian arts of ho’oponopono, lomilomi and la’au lapa’au. These modalities are practiced at Waikiki Health, Oahu, Hawaii.

Meredith is honoured to be haumana (student) of Kumu (teacher) Elder Francine Dudoit.

Meredith’s experience with Lomilomi

I had a severe concussion in the fall of 2015 which had me stuck in my bed in the dark for three weeks. I was unable to walk due to the extreme vertigo, or be anywhere with light or sound without having a screaming headache. Thankfully, I found that massage and chiropractic were giving me the relief I needed to let my body heal. I was able to return to work after a month and I’m not sure I would’ve had the same recovery time if I had not sought out massage and chiropractic. I had always had an affinity for massage, but this event really spurred my interest in perhaps pursuing this as a potential career. Fast forward 2 years, and I had just returned to Calgary from travelling overseas for 5 months. I was still experiencing side effects from my concussion and was unsure with what my next steps towards healing would be. Dr. Kennedy was hosting Elder Francine Dudoit Tagupa later that month for a Lomilomi workshop, and even though I had never had any experience with massage or working with my hands, I asked if I would be able to join. By the second day of the workshop I had applied for massage school. If the treatments I received to help my concussion opened my eyes to the therapeutic benefits of massage, lomilomi was the push I needed to launch me down this path. This special interwinding of manipulation of soft tissue with connection with loving spirit really resonates with me. I found it really helped to find that balance of body-mind-spirit I was having troubles trying to find through traditional massage or hands-off energy work.

In October of 2018, I again had the privilege of learning under Kupuna Francine Dudoit Tagupa in Honolulu, Oahu and I am so grateful for Kupuna Francine and for the opportunity to visit her on her ‘aina to learn.

Mahalo nui loa.

Meredith works at Full Circle on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings offering both lomilomi and therapeutic massage.

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