Our interdisciplinary team works collaboratively with patients and families to promote whole health.

We offer team consultations to ensure that your care is coordinated.

Our care includes wellness promotion, injury prevention, & rehabilitation.

We integrate a whole person approach to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


Chiropractors provide assessment and treatment to align the body to restore and enhance function. We specialize in NUCCA chiropractic technique. This gentle correction feels like light pressure on the side of your neck. We use x-ray images to diagnose and guide treatment to balance your head and spine, creating benefits for your whole body. We also provide applied kinesiology care to adjust specific joints. We are members of the Alberta Chiropractic Association.

Click here for more information about the NUCCA chiropractic technique


Physiotherapists use our knowledge and training of how the body works to improve movement, function and good health. Our assessment and care includes a personalized focus on movement, strength, endurance, impact of injuries & disabilities, and play/work activities. We are members of the College of Physical Therapists of Alberta.

Massage, Bowen Therapy & Lomilomi

Massage therapists integrate a variety of skills to manipulate the soft tissues & joints for preventative and therapeutic care. We specialize in deep tissue, visceral manipulation, cranial-sacral, Bowen and lomilomi. We are Registered Massage & Bowen Therapists.

Integrative Health Services

Our team has expertise in various integrative health approaches including the following:


Meditation is a practice to train the mind to promote relaxation, healing, concentration, and awareness. This includes posture and breathing techniques.

We will be providing drop-in sessions and scheduled workshops on meditation including mindfulness. Experienced facilitators have a variety of training in meditation techniques.

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