Shawna Ryan RMT, CMBT

 Shawna Ryan


MaKami College, 2015
Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia 2007


Shawna is a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Master Bowen Therapist. She is a member of The Bowenwork Canada Registry and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada. Her qualifications include Advanced Specialized Procedures, Mother-Baby Bowen, and Mind-Body. Shawna is honoured to be haumana (student) of Kumu (teacher) Lomilomi, Elder Francine Dudoit Tagupa, Director Traditional Hawaiian Healing, Waikiki Health Center. Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing practice integrating spiritual health, bodywork and energy flow.


Bowen Therapy – By applying light, rolling moves over specific muscles, tendons, or ligaments, signals are sent, via the nervous system to the brain, to reorganize the dysfunctional tension patterns in the body. Sets of moves are followed by two to five minute delays, giving the body the opportunity to integrate the effect of the work.


Why Bowen?

Bowen is very soothing for the nervous system – resulting in improved sleep and decreased stress.

From the very young to the mature adult, people of all ages and all levels of health can benefit from Bowen. It can be used for hip, knee, hamstring, ankle, and groin pain; sciatica, respiratory problems, concussions and migraines, ear aches and jaw pain. Bowen Therapy is also beneficial for menstrual and hormonal imbalances plus digestive and bowel issues. It is especially suitable for those who have chronic or acute pain or have experienced trauma.

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After a severe car accident, Bowen was the key therapy allowing Shawna’s return to her active lifestyle. Bowen provided Shawna with long-lasting relief – the same success she has seen in her patient’s journeys back to their own health.

A sparkly and bright personality at the clinic, Shawna’s passion for good health and fitness reflects in her dedicated work as a Bowen Therapist.



thomas ambrose bowen

Thomas Ambrose Bowen began developing his technique in the 1950’s in Geelong, Australia. He focussed on alleviating human suffering, and as he worked he discovered certain moves that had particular effects on the body. Without any previous formal training in any modality, Mr. Bowen was very successful with his Geelong clinic, performing around 13,000 treatments a year. The therapy he developed is now practiced worldwide and taught in many countries.


For more information on Bowen Therapy:
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