Ursula Paikos PT, BScPT

Ursula Paikos


Curtin University in Perth, Australia


Ursula is a compassionate physiotherapist with a hands-on approach to treatment and rehabilitation.  As an active person, she understands the impact that immobility and injury can have on a person’s physical and emotional well-being.  She finds great satisfaction in helping clients achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life.


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Ursula earned her Bachelor of Science at St. Francis Xavier University before attending Curtin University in Perth, Australia.  She has been practicing physiotherapy for over 19 years and has extensive experience treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions. Ursula uses manual mobilization and soft tissue techniques including Graston technique as well as Dry Needling to restore functional movement patterns.

In 2014, Ursula incorporated the Neurac Redcord suspension system into her practice. Redcord has been a valuable assessment and rehabilitation tool for Ursula—as a Neurac practitioner, she can evaluate patients thoroughly and isolate areas of weakness that are key to treatment and prevention of injury.

Outside of life as a physiotherapist, Ursula is the busy mom of three very active children.  She enjoys golfing, skiing, tennis, yoga, fitness, and walks with her energetic white lab.


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